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Sallie Mae Student Loans and Teacher Loans Forgiveness

Sallie Mae is one of the major private student loan lenders in the USA which offers different student loan plans to undergraduate, graduate and professional students. It was founded in 1972 and in the beginning Sallie Mae provided educational loans offered by the federal government under the FFELP or Federal Family Education Loan Program, but today Sallie Mae operates as a private student loan provider. Sallie Mae company is considered to be one of America’s leading private student loan lenders because of its low interest rates, the flexible repayment plans and numerous loan options provided.

It is not uncommon for large number of college students today to have their debts out of control at some point, which leads into a deep financial crisis. If you let your debts heap up it can cause you lots of headaches and can take years to repay your loan. However, borrowing from Sallie Mae company may be beneficial for students who are going to work as teachers after graduation, because of the Sallie Mae Teacher Loan Forgiveness Plan offered to their borrowers. If you are a future teacher enthusiastic to help students from low-income families to achieve elementary and secondary education, we strongly recommend to read carefully the following information and considering taking advantage of Sallie Mae teacher loans cancellation in case you find that you qualify.

What is a Student Loan Forgiveness?

Student Loan Cancellation program is formed by the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007. Qualified borrowers will not be able to state loan forgiveness benefits until October 2017 or later. This is a loan cancellation program offered by the US federal government (Department of Education) designated to be of assistance to specific groups of college graduates to reimburse their student loans, namely, to individuals who earn low wages in certain public service professions for an extended period of time.  These groups of students comprise volunteers, teachers, military personnel, law students and nurses who choose to build their long-term  career in fields in public services designated as high demand areas such as healthcare, low-income schools and public interest  areas, for example students who are willing to work as attorneys with deprived individuals may apply for such loan cancellation. Student loan forgiveness is accessible to these professionals in exchange for defined number of years service in the areas above mentioned. In case they meet certain eligibility requirements, Sallie Mae Loan borrowers may apply for this loan cancellation program.

Do I Qualify for Sallie Mae Teacher Loan Forgiveness?

To be eligible for the Sallie Mae Student Teacher Cancellation opportunity, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. Before you apply for Sallie Mae Teacher Loan Forgiveness, make sure that you satisfy some of the following criteria:

  • First condition you have to meet in order to qualify is to complete a “term of service” which means that you have to work as a teacher in a school designated by the government as a “low-income” school which means that school serves students from low-income families. You also may qualify if you work in private non-profit school. You must have worked in such school at least five consecutive academic years. Keep in mind that you cannot apply under this loan cancellation program if you have worked in school less than five years. List of eligible low-income schools is published by the Department of Education each year.
  • loan cancellation forgiveness stampYou can apply for Sallie Mae teacher loan forgiveness program if you work as a teacher in one of the high-demand study area which include science, math and bilingual courses In addition, you may be eligible if you work with disabled children or as an early childhood educator. Working as a secondary school math or science teacher or as a special educator may increase your forgiveness maximum to $17,500. Other teachers in who work in elementary and secondary schools can qualify for up to $5,000 in loan forgiveness, according to the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Application.
  • You must be employed as a teacher on full time basis. Part time teachers, coaches, para-educators and part time specialist teachers do not qualify for Sallie Mae teacher loan cancellation.
  • It is required that you provide your teaching certification from the school’s Chief Administrative Officer, usually the school principal and assistant principal of the school. Other positions such as the assistant superintendent, supervisor or human resource supervisor do not qualify as Chief Administrative Officers.
  • If you teach in more than one school, you are still an eligible candidate for Sallie Mae teacher loan forgiveness, as long as you work in schools recognized by this cancellation program. Though, you will be required to submit an application for each school with all supporting documents.

In addition, you have to satisfy some general requirements:

  • You must make 120 payments while employed in a qualified low-income school. These payments must be made under a qualified repayment plan such as income-based repayment, standard repayment or income-contingent repayment.
    Only payments made after October 1, 2007 can be included toward the 120 payments. Therefore, the federal government will not approve any loan cancellations until October 2017.
  • Only Federal Stafford, Parent PLUS, Graduate PLUS and Federal Consolidation Loans are eligible for this student loan cancellation program. Federal Perkins, Federal Nursing and other federal health educational loans cannot qualify unless consolidated under the Direct Loan Consolidation program.
  • Loan cancellation cannot be provided for any default loan.

How to Apply for Sallie Mae Teacher Loan Forgiveness

  • Before you apply for your teacher student loan cancellation with Sallie Mae, we strongly recommend to make sure that the  student loan plans under you are borrowing  are eligible for this program.
  • You must make 120 required payments under one of Direct Loan repayment programs such as Standard Repayment Plan, Income-Contingent Repayment Plan and Income Based-Repayment Plan.
  • To be eligible to apply for Sallie Mae teacher loan cancellation, you must find job as a teacher in low-income or private non-profit schools at least five successive years.
  • You have to obtain your teaching certification from the school’s administrator.
  • The next step is to fill in a Sallie Mae teacher forgiveness application on the Department of Education’s website, under Student Financial Aid part.
  • After your teacher loan forgiveness application with Sallie Mae is completed, send it to your loan servicer for the further processing.
  • If your loan provider finds that you qualify for teacher loan cancellation, you will be mailed a confirmation for the forgiveness balance.
  • General processing of the teacher loan forgiveness application usually takes 2-3 months. It is important to request your student loan forbearance, which you can do up to 60 days while your cancellation application is accepted, in order to save your benefits. Keep in mind that any payments you made before the teacher loan forgiveness is accepted are not refundable.

Teaching is very important and responsible profession. Working in low-income school sometimes can be difficult. But if you find this opportunity challenging and if you are eager to teach in school that serve low-income families, then Sallie Mae teacher loan forgiveness can be a great opportunity to get your student loans cancelled. Don’t miss that opportunity. Contact a Sallie Mae representative or consult the website for information. If you find that you qualify, apply for your Sallie Mae teacher loan forgiveness. Customer Service Department phone number of Sallie Mae is 317-570-7397 or toll free at 888-272-5543 in case if you want to contact them through telephone. Sallie Mae mail address General Correspondence (also deferment and forbearance inquiries): Sallie Mae, Inc., P.O. Box 9500, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-9500 . Email to Sallie Mae through Customers Support Contact Form.

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  1. Linda Eberle

    I have tried twice to fill out Teacher Loan Forgiveness papers. Once in 06/08 and then received the application back and filled it out again in 02/12. Now I have a check list of things to correct but have missed the submission date again.
    The checklist was a bit confusing for me with six X’s checked.
    I would like to reapply but tried calling the number one the form (1-888-272-5544 and the message asked me to hold for a quick add from your sponsor ADT Home Security. At the end of the message it asked me to press ONE to speak with ADT or Press 2 for 800 LookLook which could help me find any phone number I was looking for.
    Please let me know how I can contact you to get clearer instructions for the process so I don’t submit the form inaccurately. Thank you.

  2. miranda nolley

    I need an address to send in a TLFA, please.

    • Nancy Arendt-Moreno

      Dear Linda,
      Did you ever get an answer for the address? If so, can you please forward it to me?

      Thank you

      • Alexis

        When I called, this is the address that I received from a rep at Sallie Mae:

        Sallie Mae
        P.O. Box 9400
        Wilkes Barre, PA 18773
        ATTN: Claims

  3. Greg

    You can find all information to contact Sallie Mae at end of article, there is also there is also the possibility to email using Customers Support Contact Form.

  4. Colleen

    I am confused about the need to make 120 payments. Wouldn’t the loans be paid off by then in some cases? Also, can the loans be from earning a Master’s degree?

  5. betty maxwell

    sallie mae u have ruined my daughters life along with ai

  6. Marcia Paoni

    I co-signed a student career loan for my daughter Jude Spaith account number *********** We have retired and find it very difficult to keep up payments & am asking for student loan forgiveness Sincerely Marcia Paoni

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